Building benchmarks for
infrastructure investors

At the end of 2018, EDHECinfra will launch it’s benchmarking platform.
Until then our research indices tracking 20 years of the risk-adjusted performance of European infrastructure remain available below.

Data collection

We collect, clean and analyse private infrastructure investment data from contributors and primary sources, and build a global database of infrastructure equity and debt investments and cash flows.

Asset pricing tools

We build cash flow and discount rate models of private infrastructure equity and debt investments that can compute the risk and performance measures that matter for investors.

Portfolio construction

We build reference portfolios of private infrastructure equity and debt investments by groups of underlying business models, lifecycle stages and geographies, taking into account the illiquidity of portfolio constituents.

Academic validation

Our work is peer-reviewed and transparent. All models methods and approaches are published and publicly available.

Industry validation

Our work is also validated by an Advisory Board of investment professionals who steer the research and ensure its industrial relevance.

Policy relevance

Our research has an impact on the evolution of prudential rules, and we engage regularly with policy-makers and regulators.

192 EDHECinfra Private Equity Indices

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192 EDHECinfra Private Debt Indices

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