2016-2019 EDHEC/NATIXIS Research Chair

Supporting data collection and creating new benchmarks for infrastructure debt investors

This project follows the completion of a first Research Chair (2012-2015). NATIXIS brings its support to the creation and population of a global infrastructure debt cash flow database.

This database is being built by the EDHEC Infrastructure Investment Institute from lender contributions and primary documentation (financial statements, bond documentation etc), will cover thousands of investments globally, and will allow the production of infrastructure debt benchmarking studies.

Over the 2016-18 period, the Chair aims to produce three types of empirical benchmarking analyses of infrastructure debt:
1. Infrastructure debt benchmarks in an asset allocation context (risk/return);
2. Infrastructure debt in a liability-driven investment context (duration vs. performance);
3. Infrastructure debt performance and the ESG characteristics of infrastructure projects.

The Research Chair was officially launched at the EDHECinfra Forum in London on March 16th, 2016.