From benchmarks to solutions: the future of infrastructure investment

EDHECinfra Days 2019

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EDHECinfra Days is a two-day conference, focusing on private infrastructure equity investing and private infrastructure debt.

Day one will be dedicated to a half-day executive infrastructure investment Masterclass focusing on advanced asset valuation and portfolio construction techniques for asset owners and managers.

Day two will be a full-day conference designed to be an impactful mix of panel discussions on wider topics, breakout stream sessions conducted by our senior researchers on a series of topics and sponsored 45-minute workshop sessions which can be tailored based on discussion with the sponsor.

The conference is structured to host 200 participants and for the second edition of the conference we aim to increase the institutional buy side participants to 50%.

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“At NEST we don’t yet invest in infrastructure. The challenge is to find the right kind of benchmark. We’re looking for EDHECinfra to help meet that challenge.”
Mark Fawcett, CIO, NEST Corporation

“The EDHECinfra indices bring a lot of information to the market, which has not been available before. One of the best indicators is that they now publish a Sharpe ratio for infrastructure, which is a risk adjusted measure. We’ve seen a lot of the infrastructure investment community focusing on absolute returns but not having necessarily any particular quantitative measure of risk so I think the EDHECinfra indices bringing forward a quantitative measure of risk is a big improvement.
Laurence Monnier, Head of Strategy and Research, Alternative Income, Aviva Investors

“We think that the work that’s being done by EDHECinfra is terrific. It’s great to see a greater concentration of infrastructure data. It’s terrific to see the infrastructure community getting behind the initiative and contributing its data.”
Brer Adams, Director, Global Infrastructure Hub
“Anything that works to allow us to develop measures of risk and more sophistication in terms of modelling is definitely the direction we want to go. The work that EDHECinfra is doing to build new benchmarks for private infrastructure is helpful for us.
Paul Shantic, Director, CalSTRS

“I’m very glad the EDHECinfra indices are here and that we are able to get more data on infrastructure investment performance. The universe of data EDHECinfra has collected is very interesting.”
Claes Nordengren, Quantitative Risk, First Swedish National Pension Fund

“It has been a fantastic experience enabling us (managers and market players) to see things from a different perspective and better acknowledge the fact that more transparency in data can definitely help our day to day business and can support us in determining the risk-return profile of the projects we have to analyse for our institutional investors.”
Elham Firmani, Strategy & Business Development, Arpinge Spa

2019 Themes

  • Which benchmarks for infrastructure investors?
  • Rewarded risk factors in infrastructure investments
  • The relative performance of infrastructure debt and equity vs other asset classes
  • Modern asset pricing for unlisted infrastructure
  • Forecasting cash flows in infrastructure projects
  • Portfolio construction with illiquid assets
  • The ESG characteristics of infrastructure investments

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2019 venue: 200 Aldersgate St, London EC1A 4HD, UK

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