Towards better infrastructure investment products

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In this video, we present the result of the first in-depth survey of institutional investors’ perceptions and expectations of infrastructure investment.

This survey documents the reasons for investing in infrastructure and whether currently available investment products or strategies are helping investors meet these objectives. The findings provide a first step towards integrating infrastructure in long-term investment solutions. It reports the views of 184 individuals involved in infrastructure investment; half of them represent institutional investors or “asset owners” (insurers, pension plans and sovereign wealth fund), one-third are infrastructure asset managers and the remainder are infrastructure investment specialists from multilateral development banks, rating agencies and consultancies. Respondents are mostly senior executives actives in the top management (CEO, board members – 14.5 percent), strategic (CIO, Head of ALM or Asset Mix – 25.5 percent), investment (Head of Infrastructure, investment director – 46.2 percent) or other (14.5 percent) functions of the organisations they represent.

Infrastructure is popular. Almost two thirds of surveyed institutions declared wanting in to increase their current holdings of infrastructure investments. Beyond that unsurprising point, the survey reveals some important evolutions and also important differences of perspectives, amongst investors and also between asset owners and managers.

This video summarise our findings and provides some elements for discussion and future research.

→ You can also read the full paper online here