About the company.

EDHECinfra is a provider of market indices, benchmarks and valuation analytics for investors in unlisted infrastructure equity and private debt. Asset owners, asset managers, consultants and asset valuation professionals use our datasets, which tracks thousands of investments in 25 countries over the past 20 years. Our data is available on a quarterly basis for hundreds of analytics and on a monthly basis for 25 key market benchmarks.
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About us

EDHECinfra® is a venture of EDHEC Business School. We are an  provider of indexes and analytics for the  infrastructure investment universe. Because the majority of infrastructure assets are not publicly traded, there has traditionally been a vast knowledge gap when it comes to gauging the prices of these assets and their evolution. We are closing that gap with analytics and calculated indexes that already cover 25 countries representing an investable universe of 7,000 companies. We are  based in Singapore and London.

EDHECinfra maintains the infraMetrics™ platform: an online information system that gives access to key market indices including the infra300® and infra100™ series. InfraMetrics also includes a wealth of valuation data and analytics, risk metrics, a fund strategy analysis tool providing robust performance quartiles for  any segment, strategy or vintage, and peer group analyses allowing investors to compare themselves against comparable segments of the market. 


  • March 2016

    Official launch of the EDHEC Infrastructure Institute (EDHECinfra) with the support of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

  • October 2018

    Launch of TICCS® an infrastructure investment classification standard that has become a standard for many investors and allocators. Read more

  • June 2019

    Launch of the EDHECinfra index platform Read more

  • October 2020

    Launch of the 3rd Natixis/EDHEC research chair on ESG and infrastructure investment. Read more

  • March 2021

    Launch of the “EDHECinfra Climate Risk Metrics” project with the support of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Read more

  • Sept 2021

    Launch of infraMetrics™ including 25 monthly market indices, 400 different analytics and a fund strategy analyser. Read more

  • October 2021

    EDHECinfra is acknowledged as a major contributor to closing the infrastructure data gap by the G20. Read more

Meet the team.

A unique combination of skills, passion and sweat.

Ph.D. in finance. Founder of EDHECinfra. 20 years in infrastructure investment research. EDHEC-Risk, IPA Energy & Water & IJG alumnus
f. blanc-brude, Director & CEO
Ph.D. in finance, CPA (Aust). Leads our team of financial analysts. 15 years in infrastructure investment research. EDHEC-Risk, QUT & Deloitte alumnus
T. Whittaker, Research Director, head of data
M.Sc. Financial Engineering, CAIA. 10 years in alternative investment research. Partners Group & Goldman Sachs alumnus
A.Gupta, Associate Director, Head of Product Development

M.Sc. Engineering. 10 years in financial service product development. Leads our technology and production team. JP Morgan & BlackRock alumnus

F. Lee-Choon, Associate Director, Head of Production
10 years in financial product marketing, lead generation and business development. Beat: Marketing campaigns and press relations. Northern Trust alumnus
N. Gaidaranko, Marketing Manager
15 years in institutional sales Beat: Northern Europe, Asia HFRX & Willis Towers Watson alumnus.
Lorenzo Menichino, Senior Commercial Representative
M.Sc. Economics. 15 years in infrastructure project and policy development. World Bank alumnus.
Darwin Marcelo, Project Director, Green Infrastructure

Ph.D. Engineering, M.Sc. Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resource Management.

Nishtha Manocha, Senior Research Engineer

Ph.D. in Cosmology, 10 years of simulations, data analysis, and theoretical modelling, ADIA alumnus

F. Nugier, Senior Research Engineer

Ph.D. Physics, FRM, 15 years of experience in quantitative financial research, Standard Chartered, NTUC, UOB alumnus.

JIanyong shen, senior research engineer
10 years in institutional sales Beat: North America, Southern Europe. FTSE Russell, Bloomberg & BNP Paribas alumnus
Adrien La Greca, Senior Commercial Representative
M.Sc. Finance and Economics.
Rebecca Tan, Senior Quantitative Analyst

B.Sc. Finance & Accounting, CPA (Aust).

Leonard Lum, Senior Analyst

B.A. Accounting, ACCA, FCA. E&Y alumnus.

Jack Lee, Team Lead, Deputy Head of Data

B.C. Accounting & Finance, CPA (Aust), Big 4 alumnus.

Luna Lu, Analyst

Ph.D. in Finance, CFA, BeiDa, MSCI Alumnus

Srini Selvan, Senior Researcher

B.Sc. Finance & Accounting, CPA (Aust).

Amanda Wee, Analyst
20 years of experience in server and database administration. B. Sc. in Computing and Information Systems. HP alumnus
Ser Toh Ng, Senior Information Systems Engineer
Vimal Thickvijayan, Senior Data Engineer

B.Sc. Accounting & Finance

Andrew Tee, Analyst
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