Global Infrastructure Hub and EDHECinfra announce strategic partnership agreement

This partnership between the GI Hub and EDHECinfra establishes a strategic framework for co-operation, communication, and information sharing.
EDHECinfra, the provider of indices and analytics for the infrastructure investment universe, and the GI Hub, the not-for-profit organisation, formed by the G20, that advances the delivery of sustainable, resilient, and inclusive infrastructure, have announced the establishment of a strategic partnership.

Former Special Financial Advisor to OECD G20 Sherpa and OECD Coordinator for Infrastructure joins EDHECinfra to support fair value, transparency and ESG in infrastructure investment

André Laboul’s first mission will be to engage with prudential and regulatory authorities around the world on the importance of adopting robust and transparent approaches to the reporting of the financial and non-financial performance of infrastructure investments. André Laboul, former Special Financial Advisor to the OECD G20 Sherpa is joining EDHECinfra as a Senior Advisor to the CEO. Among other roles, Mr Laboul has been Head of the OECD Financial Affairs Division; Deputy to the G20 and G7 Finance Deputy; OECD Coordinator for Infrastructure; Secretary General of the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors; Senior Counsellor to the Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs; and Chairman of the International Network on Financial Education.

Report: Q1 2022 Covid-19 Revenue Forecast Updates

Report: Q1 2022 Covid-19 Revenue Forecast Updates The Q1 2022 release of the EDHECinfra indices incorporates the views and asset-level revenue forecasts of our team of financial analysts. This report updates the Q4 2021 report and is presented following the …

First Global Ranking of Infrastructure Investment Strategies

 Boston Consulting Group and EDHECinfra present the results of the first global study of infrastructure investment strategies and performance The 2022 Rankings are organised into four categories, Global Peers, Home Peers, Manager Peers, and Asset Owner Peers, each of which …

How much do investors in Russian airports stand to lose?

International sanctions have to date had little impact on the value of Russian airports, but their apparent resilience may not last. Large losses are to be expected if the crisis continues. In a new research note, EDHECinfra shows that international …

Report: Q4 2021 Covid-19 Revenue Forecast Updates

The Q4 2021 release of the EDHECinfra indices incorporates the views and asset-level revenue forecasts of our team of financial analysts. This report updates the Q3 2021 report and is presented following the TICCS® taxonomy of infrastructure companies TICCS® taxonomy …

Q4 2021 Index Data Release – infrastructure equity marches on, while debt faces the tough reality!

After three consecutive quarters of positive returns, infrastructure equity ended the year 2021 strongly at an all-time high. The infra300® index, which tracks a representative global sample of unlisted infrastructure equity investments worth more than USD 250bn, breached the 9000-level …

The TICCS® market consultation continues

The Infrastructure Company Classification Standard, or TICCS®, was created in 2018 by EDHECinfra with the support of the industry to develop a common classification of infrastructure assets and companies. TICCS® is now an international standard used by some of the …

EDHECinfra: A reference for the G20

As the G20 meetings comes to a close in Rome, one of the outcome documents of the 2021 G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue highlights the role of EDHECinfra in promoting “further consistency in data collection through improved methodologies and common terminologies” …

Q3 2021 Index Data Release – steady recovery but risks remain

With two consecutive quarters of strong performance, the unlisted infrastructure asset class is inching closer to its all-time high of 2019, but a higher equity risk premia indicates persistent uncertainty in some sectors. The infra300® index, which tracks a representative …

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