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infra300 monthly index release, July 2021
Publication date: 2021-08-23

The unlisted infrastructure asset class continues its recovery from Covid-19 ending six consecutive quarters of losses.

The infra300® index, which tracks a representative global sample of unlisted infrastructure equity investments worth approximately USD 250bn, rose 2.45% in July’21 (in local currency) and almost reached the pre-pandemic highs from September 2019.

On a 3-month basis, the total return was 6.08% (in local currency), thanks to the positive tendency in all segments of the infrastructure universe since April 2021. However, due to the negative results in the first quarter of 2021, the index registered a lower Year-To-Date return of 4.33% (in local currency).

Marking a further sign of recovery for the industry, 1-year total return rose from 7.63% to 8% in July (in local currency).

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