EDHECinfra Announcement
The TICCS® market consultation continues
Publication date: 2021-11-24

The Infrastructure Company Classification Standard, or TICCS®, was created in 2018 by EDHECinfra with the support of the industry to develop a common classification of infrastructure assets and companies. TICCS® is now an international standard used by some of the largest investors in infrastructure in the world. It is a four-pillar taxonomy designed to capture the risk characteristics of infrastructure investments and offers an alternative to labels like ‘core’ or core+’, focusing on the objective characteristics of such investments to group them in relevant and homogenous buckets.

As TICCS® is a standard for the industry, we would like to hear your views on the current classification. The results of this consultation will be evaluated by the independent Review Committee. The TICCS® market consultation is open until the end of January 2022.