Part 1: infra risks misunderstood

The 2019 EDHECinfra/G20 survey of infrastructure investors is a detailed study of benchmarking practices amongst asset owners and managers and brought to light a significant issue with regard to the investment process in infrastructure: investors do know how much risk they are taking and they are not happy about it.

Infrastructure prices don’t show a bubble

This blog was initially published in No asset is an island… Infrastructure equity prices do not exist in a vacuum. Analysing hundreds of transactions over the last 15 years, we found that they are driven by systematic risk factors, …

Infrastructure: Calling time on borrowed definitions

This blog was originally published in IP&E Real Assets. It’s time to stop saying apples are just round pears Infrastructure as an asset class has evolved over the past decade at a speed that has brought its own challenges. One …

Does Europe need a new model for private roads?

Over-charging and under-investment: is the model broken? Private investment in European roads is under fire once more. The typical charge against the ubiquitous motorway concessions crossing France, Italy or Spain is that, as quasi-monopolies, they have a nasty tendency to …

Three routes to maximizing infrastructure finance for development

There are big hurdles in place right now The industry needs to promote better standards, methods and benchmarking. That’s the only way to remove the hurdles that are preventing institutional capital from flowing into infrastructure. Institutional investors have become increasingly …

An industry standard for the infrastructure asset class

From ad hoc to world class Today infrastructure investors use ad hoc benchmarks for unlisted infrastructure investment. They know that’ snot good enough. At EDHECinfra, we are establishing an industry standard for the infrastructure asset class. And we’ve made significant …

Building benchmarks for infrastructure investors: a long but worthwhile journey

This blog was originally published on the World Bank’s PPP Blog Website. It’s past time for proper infrastructure benchmarks The Argentinian presidency of the G20 opens this month. All the signs indicate that it will be marked by a focus …

Listed infra funds should be clearly labelled

Listed infrastructure, in its current form, cannot be called an asset class. Asset managers offering so called ‘infrastructure funds’ are misleading investors. It has been argued that the wrapper does not matter, but first impressions count. Our recent paper, The …

Listed infrastructure investment is a great story but it’s fake

This post was originally published in the Financial Times. For the past 15 years infrastructure investment has been the preserve of large sophisticated investors. It is rapidly becoming more mainstream, and asset owners of all sizes are considering investing in …

Fake infra threatens real deal

This post was originally published on the top1000funds website. Support for infrastructure investment, the idea that asset owners should commit to long-term capital projects through a mix of debt and equity, is a powerful notion  at the heart of several …

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