EDHECinfra Masterclasses

EDHECinfra organises regular executive-level masterclasses targeted at professionals in the asset management and risk management industry.

Our masterclasses offer a unique opportunity to interact and gain an in-depth understanding of EDHECinfra research and its implications for portfolio construction.

These masterclasses will be presented in a seminar format with around 30-50 people in attendance and the overall goal will be to bridge the gap between practitioners and researchers. The masterclasses will also contain integrative case studies providing step-by-step implementation examples.

As you can see the takeaways from these sessions will be invaluable, to find out how you can register for an EDHECinfra masterclass, or to find out how to sponsor a masterclass please contact karen.sequeira@edhec.edu.


"The Masterclass at EDHEC Infra Days was a great opportunity to get into the weeds of a topic that is complicated, but which should be important to all serious investors in private infrastructure: How can the fair value of unlisted infrastructure investments be measured? This topic is important because, if you are going to invest in something, it certainly helps to know what it is worth. It is complicated because valuing an individual private infrastructure investment, with all its idiosyncrasies, is challenging and complex. Frederic did a great job of drawing from the academic research to explain the latest thinking on this topic in a straightforward, accessible way, while still conveying the all-important detail.
Avi Turetsky, Managing Partner, Landmark Partners
"EDHECinfra masterclass is a unique gathering for practitioners to interact and gain an in-depth understanding of more advanced research in infrastructure investment and their portfolio construction implications . Through the sponsoring of the masterclass we were able to accelerate a high level infrastructure allocation dialogue with our clients and gain more in depth understanding of their investment product requirements.”
Anne-Christine Champion, Global Head of Real Assets, Natixis
“The Advisory Council Members of the Global Infrastructure Facility who attended the EDHEC Master class included institutional investors, commercial bankers, as well as senior staff from government PPP agencies on the sell side. EDHEC instructors were able to offer this financially literate group of practitioner-students a deeper, academic understanding of risk allocation in project structuring as well as a practical sense of what different classes of investors should be expecting from infrastructure."
Jordan Schwartz, Director, World Bank Group

Upcoming EDHECinfra Masterclasses

Due to the current Covid-19 situation and measures, all masterclasses are cancelled or postponed. Please check out our webinar series.

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