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infraMetrics includes sixteen infrastructure investors peer group benchmarks built from the portfolio allocations through 2021 of 359 infrastructure equity holders and documented their TICCS exposures or tilts. These peer groups capture different types of investors, investment objectives, geographies and regulatory or prudential frameworks. Infrastructure investor peer group style benchmarks use the latest average TICCS allocations to the different segments of the infrastructure universe of each group to compute their risk and total returns and rank them based on their risk-adjusted returns.

Data updated monthly on the 10th working day of each month.


For the 2023 Infrastructure Strategy Report, EDHECinfra and BCG are conducting a new TICCS asset allocation survey to document the investment styles and performance of different peer groups of infrastructure equity investors.


infraMetrics peer group benchmarks

Peer group styles are not target allocations but represent current and realised direct and indirect investments in unlisted infrastructure equity.Sixteen peer group styles are summarised following the TICCS® business risk, industrial activity, and corporate structure pillars, as well as geographic segments. These styles differ widely in investment exposure, risk tolerance or home bias. As we argue below, they also embody different levels of access to the market for private infrastructure equity investments. Each Peer group styles fall into four broad categories: Global Peers, Home Peers, Manager Peers, and Asset Owner Peers.

wdt_ID Dataset Metric Frequency Downloadable Format
1 Peer group ranks Rank Monthly Yes Table
2 Previous Rank Monthly Yes Table
3 12M Performance Monthly Yes Table
4 Risk Monthly Yes Table
5 Peer Group Performance 1M Return Monthly Yes Table
6 3M Return Monthly Yes Table
7 6M Return Monthly Yes Table
8 YTD Return Monthly Yes Table
9 12M Return Monthly Yes Table
10 2Y Annualised Return Monthly Yes Table
11 3Y Annualised Return Monthly Yes Table
12 3Y Volatility Monthly Yes Table
13 5Y Volatlity Monthly Yes Table
14 10Y Volatility Monthly Yes Table
15 YoY Cash Returns Monthly Yes Chart
16 YoY Capital Returns Monthly Yes Chart
17 Expected Retutns Yield Monthly Yes Table
18 Risk Premia Monthly Yes Table
19 Risk Factor Exposures Size Quarterly Yes Table
20 Leverage Quarterly Yes Table
21 Profitability Quarterly Yes Table
22 Investment Quarterly Yes Table
23 DCF analysis Impact of CFs on NAV Quarterly Yes Table
24 Impacts Premia on NAV Quarterly Yes Table
25 Impact of rates on NAV Quarterly Yes Table
26 TICCS Allocations By business model Annually Yes Chart
27 By Industrial Activity Superclass Annually Yes Chart
28 By Industrial Activity Class Annually Yes Chart
29 By Corporate Structure Annually Yes Chart
30 TICCS Return Contributions By business model Monthly Yes Chart
31 By Industrial Activity Superclass Monthly Yes Chart
32 By Industrial Activity Class Monthly Yes Chart
33 By Corporate Structure Monthly Yes Chart

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