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AVCJ: Coronavirus & infrastructure: Trial by fire
Publication date: 2020-09-16

Justin Niessner takes a closer look on the impact COVID-19 has on the infrastructure investors. He states that conservative investors who trust infrastructure for its stability have received a rude awakening with the pandemic and that it is time ‘to get smart about the risk’.  Using EDHECinfra’s data the article outlines the performance of unlisted infrastructure in Q1-Q2 2020 and quotes Frederic Blanc-Brude, the Director of EDHECinfra, on a number of matters raised in therein:

“Previously, a typical investor would put infrastructure in a separate bucket in their portfolio and assume there was no correlation with anything else. Now there’s an understanding that there are correlations with the economy over a long period, it should help the asset class grow. COVID-19 is not a good moment for the world, but it’s probably going to be a turning point in terms of the maturity of infrastructure and the level of information that will be required to invest.”

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AVCJ: Coronavirus & infrastructure: Trial by fire