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Seeing growth in greenfield funds
Publication date: 2016-05-02

Douglas Appell looks at the development of funds that give investors access to greenfield infrastructure.

“In a recent interview, Frederic Blanc-Brude, director of the infrastructure research institute launched in Singapore three months ago by Paris-based EDHEC Business School, said a soon-to-be-published EDHEC survey of roughly 90 asset owners and 90 managers of infrastructure assets suggests greenfield investments might be on the cusp of becoming more mainstream. The survey found allocations to core, developed markets brownfield infrastructure remain the prime focus for asset owners and managers. However, a substantial 30% of asset owners cited greenfield projects with long-term contracts or rates of return set by government agencies as “very attractive” or “rather attractive” investment targets — a level of interest greater than the managers surveyed had predicted, said Mr. Blanc-Brude. The research was sponsored by the Global Infrastructure Hub, established by the G-20 to promote investment in infrastructure and policy initiatives supportive of infrastructure.”

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Seeing growth in greenfield funds