AFR: Data opens up infrastructure options

Christopher Niesche spoke with Abhishek Gupta, Head of Product Development at EDHECinfra, about infrastructure as a new asset class and the need for more data by the industry. “In the past, infrastructure has been an immature asset class because of …

P&I: Sydney Airport smiles on third bid from investor consortium

Douglas Appell analyses the situation with Sydney airport that considers the third offer from a consortium of infrastructure investors and superannuation funds. In this article, he quotes Frederic Blanc-Brude, CEO of Singapore-based EDHECinfra affiliate Scientific Infra: “If the pandemic and …

P&I: Bid process for Sydney Airport puts pandemic’s impact in the limelight

Sydney Airport, the target of a consortium of infrastructure managers and superannuation funds, is playing hard to get over pandemic valuations.   Read the article in full here.

Investment Magazine: Reframing infrastructure in the new portfolio context

The difficulty large asset owners face in balancing sometimes conflicting messages around infrastructure were discussed at length in an online roundtable hosted by Investment Magazine and EDHECinfra, titled: The evolution of infrastructure portfolio construction: Benchmarking and understanding the risks. Read the full …

AFR: Building transparency into infrastructure investment

As more super funds put money into infrastructure and as the government puts super returns under scrutiny, focus is turning to how these assets can be valued. Financial metrics and sale prices of infrastructure assets in transport, power, telecommunications and …

Investment Magazine: New infrastructure valuation tools address the risks of inequitable switching

Ben Hurley takes a closer look at the question of infrastructure valuation. He examines challenges the industry faces in the time of pandemic, and what can be done to overcome them. “While Covid-19’s impact on assets such as airports has …

DWS: Private infrastructure equity strategic outlook update H2 2021

DWS uses EDHECinfa data in their Alternative Research on Infrastructure, including index performance, revenue growth and total return rates, and more. See the full report here.  

The Business Time: ‘Common language’ and risk data critical to mobilise private capital, close sustainable infrastructure financing gap: Indranee

Kelly Ng takes the view on the lack of a common language on green finance and incomplete data on climate risk characteristics of infrastructure assets. She quotes Ms Indranee, Second Minister for Finance and National Development, who highlights EDHECinfra research …

Inframation: News analysis: The ‘Next Big Test’ arrives for infrastructure – Inflation

Colin Leopold explains what could inflation and interest rate change mean for the infrastructure asset class. He thinks that the coming inflation could be the next big test in the infrastructure investment space and use EDHECinfra data to support his …

Infrastructure Investor: Peak infra has peaked

A recently released EDHECinfra and LTIIA (Long Term Infrastructure Investors’ Association) research paper entitled “The Volatility of Unlisted Infrastructure Investments” has been highlighted in The Pipeline – the start-the-week briefing from Infrastructure Investor. Read the full story here.

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