Australian Financial Review: Atlas Arteria’s highway to the Chicago Skyway

Jenny Wiggins has been analysing Atlas Arteria’s recent acquisition of Skyway highlighting the opinions of various analysts and CEOs. According to Jenny, analysts have had mixed views on the Skyway acquisition, with many reducing their 12-month target prices on Atlas …

IPE: EDHEC – Investors now paying ‘green premium’ for renewables

Richard Lowe, IPE’s editor, had a closer look at the pricing of green infrastructure and whether investors are willing to pay a “green price premium” to increase their exposure to the asset class. He uses the data from the infraMetrics …

Infrastructure Investor: CBRE Investment Management: The road ahead for transportation infrastructure

Tania Tsoneva looks back at COVID’s impact on the transport sector and ahead at the trends and market forces that will shape it. Read the full article here.

IPE: Investor groups warn UK against including gas in green taxonomy

Susanna Rust has quoted some of the major UK investors who have published an open letter to the UK prime minister to express strong opposition to the possible inclusion of natural gas activities in the UK’s green taxonomy. She states …

Bloomberg: Suspended HSBC Banker Draws Ire From Academics Over Climate Rant

After drawing both cheers and rebukes from within the finance industry, HSBC Asset Management’s suspended head of responsible investing has now caught the attention of academia. A presentation delivered by Stuart Kirk earlier this month offered “spurious correlations,” as well …

ESG Investor: Asset Owners and Managers to Target Renewable and Social Infrastructure

Report identifies prevalence of renewable energy in portfolios, but strong future interest in data-related projects. Asset managers and owners plan to increase investment in renewable energy and social infrastructure over the next three to five years, according to a research report from …

IPE: North American pension funds outperform infrastructure market in 2021

Asset owners, such as pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, achieved the strongest risk-adjusted returns among a broader universe of institutional infrastructure investors in 2021, with North American pension funds outperforming the most, according to analysis by EDHECinfra and Boston Consulting …

IPE: Natural gas doesn’t need EU green taxonomy inclusion – EDHECinfra

Suzanna Rust highlights the finding and facts from the new research note from the EDHECinfra, “The Cost of Capital of Brown Gas”, following the European Commission’s decision to include natural gas in the EU Green Taxonomy. In the research note, …

Bloomberg: Gas Companies Eye Green Debt After EU Rulebook Inclusion

John Ainger and Greg Ritchie provide some alternative views and feedback from the industry on the EU Commission decision to include gas and nuclear in the Green Taxonomy. They refer to EDHECinfra’s research paper “The cost of capital of brown …

IPE Real Assets: Toll roads. Stay in lane

Toll roads have recovered after the initial effects of COVID-19. Florence Chong reports on a surprisingly resilient sector. Read the full article here.    

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