IPE: Natural gas doesn’t need EU green taxonomy inclusion – EDHECinfra

Suzanna Rust highlights the finding and facts from the new research note from the EDHECinfra, “The Cost of Capital of Brown Gas”, following the European Commission’s decision to include natural gas in the EU Green Taxonomy. In the research note, …

Bloomberg: Gas Companies Eye Green Debt After EU Rulebook Inclusion

John Ainger and Greg Ritchie provide some alternative views and feedback from the industry on the EU Commission decision to include gas and nuclear in the Green Taxonomy. They refer to EDHECinfra’s research paper “The cost of capital of brown …

IPE Real Assets: Toll roads. Stay in lane

Toll roads have recovered after the initial effects of COVID-19. Florence Chong reports on a surprisingly resilient sector. Read the full article here.    

IPE Real Assets: Airports. In for the long haul

They have been hit the hardest, but does a multi-billion-dollar takeover mark the start of a recovery for airports? Florence Chong reports. Read the full article here.    

IPE Real Assets: No more quartile lottery!

Frédéric Blanc-Brude, director and CEO, and Abhishek Gupta, Associate Director and Head of Product Development at EDHECinfra, speak about the challenges infrastructure investors face and how using the right data can provide transparency and help to make the better-informed investment …

Infrastructure Investor: Robust benchmarks needed for infra investors

Frédéric Blanc-Brude, director and CEO, and Abhishek Gupta, Associate Director and Head of Product Development at EDHECinfra provided their expert commentaries on the evolution of the infrastructure asset class and the need the data and benchmarks. Read the expert commentary …

AFR: Data opens up infrastructure options

Christopher Niesche spoke with Abhishek Gupta, Head of Product Development at EDHECinfra, about infrastructure as a new asset class and the need for more data by the industry. “In the past, infrastructure has been an immature asset class because of …

P&I: Sydney Airport smiles on third bid from investor consortium

Douglas Appell analyses the situation with Sydney airport that considers the third offer from a consortium of infrastructure investors and superannuation funds. In this article, he quotes Frederic Blanc-Brude, CEO of Singapore-based EDHECinfra affiliate Scientific Infra: “If the pandemic and …

P&I: Bid process for Sydney Airport puts pandemic’s impact in the limelight

Sydney Airport, the target of a consortium of infrastructure managers and superannuation funds, is playing hard to get over pandemic valuations.   Read the article in full here.

Investment Magazine: Reframing infrastructure in the new portfolio context

The difficulty large asset owners face in balancing sometimes conflicting messages around infrastructure were discussed at length in an online roundtable hosted by Investment Magazine and EDHECinfra, titled: The evolution of infrastructure portfolio construction: Benchmarking and understanding the risks. Read the full …

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