EDHECinfra Index Methodology

EDHECinfra indices and benchmarks aim to provide the representative, risk-adjusted performance of investments in unlisted infrastructure equity and private debt.

EDHECinfra produces calculated (as opposed to contributed) indices: our data and technology allows re-pricing hundreds of individual assets through time, using actual transaction prices to recalibrate expected returns (and discount rates).

This approach uses market inputs, thus avoiding the smoothing of returns caused by appraisal valuations and providing a genuine fair value assessment of performance.

Unlike other private indices, which only report an average performance, EDHECinfra indices include the effect of diversification and provide advanced risk metrics such as volatility, value-at-risk and risk factor prices. The index calculation method is summarised below in four key steps.hs.

Standardising Data & Reporting

For our Sampled Universe of investable infrastructure companies, we collect data about each individual firm in great details.

To do so, a standardised framework is required that capture the relevant aspects of infrastructure companies financials for the purpose of implementing a new generation of valuation models.

This framework is embodied by the EDHECinfra Global Data Collection Standard and Contributor Code of Conduct.