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  • Access reference market indices including the infra300® index and the Global Broad Market unlisted Equity and Private Debt Indices.
  • Also Access Hundreds of sub-indices available following the TICCS® segmentation of the universe.
  • Data available on a quarterly and monthly basis
  • Data includes index values and returns, constituents, TICCS® allocations, performance and risk analytics and more. 
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EDHECinfra is a provider of market indices, benchmarks and valuation analytics for investors in unlisted infrastructure equity and private debt.

Asset owners, asset managers, consultants and asset valuation professionals use our datasets, which tracks thousands of investments in 25 countries over the past 20 years.

Our data is available on a quarterly basis for hundreds of indices and on a monthly basis for selected market benchmarks.

A new era of data availability and granularity for investors in unlisted infrastructure equity and debt


What supporters say..

  • Anything that works to allow us to develop measures of risk and more sophistication in terms of modelling is definitely the direction we want to go.

    Paul Shantic, Calstrs
  • The ground-breaking initiatives being produced by the EDHECInfra represent best practice within the industry. Our support of their benchmark initiatives stems from the ability for their work to provide useful and innovative information for infrastructure and equity investors and lenders. We congratulate their talented and thorough team on creating these benchmarks that will assist the industry for years to come.
    Stan Kolenc - OPTrust
  • EDHECinfra indices bring a lot of useful information to the market that has not been available before. One of the best indicators is that they now publish a Sharpe ratio for infrastructure, which is a risk adjusted measure. We’ve seen a lot of the infrastructure investment community focusing on absolute returns but not having necessarily any particular quantitative measure of risk so I think the EDHECinfra indices bringing forward a quantitative measure of risk is a big improvement.

    Laurence Monnier - Aviva
  • Benchmarks are foundational to nuanced asset allocation. EDHEC's work within the infrastructure asset class is innovative and pioneering. We congratulate EDHEC and are honoured to work alongside them in promoting this benchmarking initiative.
    John Campbell, Campbell-Lutyens
  • We use the data as a strategic benchmark for our portfolio of private infrastructure. When comparing to other providers, the following factors made EDHECinfra stand out: 1) Large asset coverage 2) Based on latest accounting standards 3) Possible to re-weight sub-indices to reflect strategic allocations 4) Access to analytical data 5) Timely access to data. Before, we had a performance benchmark based on public indices with a significant tracking error towards the portfolio and no risk benchmarking. Using the analytical data, we are able to improve our internal risk models for private infrastructure.

    Ulrik Eltang Høgh, CRO - Laegernes Pension and Bank
  • The EDHECinfra indices, which have a transparent and well-documented approach, have brought about material improvement in terms of representativeness for the infrastructure asset class. In addition, compared to other current options, the availability, frequency and delay of index level publication are consistent with our performance measurement and reporting needs, and make it a useful reference for our unlisted infrastructure equity fund performance evaluation.
    The OECD Pension Reserve Fund Administration Team
  • EDHEC infrastructure indices are a very helpful tool to analyse the risks and performance of private infrastructure and to support the strategic asset allocation process.

    Gianluca Minella - DWS

About EDHECinfra

Academic insights

All our results are based on modern financial theory and academically validated  approaches to asset pricing and statistics.

Advanced technology

Using years of academic research, we have developed advanced approaches to asset valuation in illiquid markets that are robust in back tests.

Specialist team

Our multi-disciplinary team covers fields such as asset pricing, statistics, accounting, financial analysis, infrastructure project finance, regulatory economics and even black holes.

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