The EDHEC/Meridiam/Campbell-Lutyens Research Chair on Unlisted Infrastructure Equity

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In 2013, Meridiam and Campbell-Lutyens endowed a three-year Research Chair at EDHEC to focus on the development of better definitions and valuation approaches to unlisted infrastructure investments. 

The chair produced three publications that lay the foundation of all future research on unlisted infrastructure equity at EDHECinfra: 

  1. A review of  the relevant research in economics and finance  produced over the previous 40 years that established a research program and agenda for the development of unlisted infrastructure benchmarks;
  2. The development of the first `stochastic DFC' approach to unlisted infrastructure valuation;
  3. The first robust empirical evidence that  infrastructure companies are different from the rest of the firms in the economy in terms of their cash flow dynamics and dividend payout policies.

The research chair ended in 2016 to become the EDHEC/LTIIA Research Chair.

Meridiam is a global investor and asset manager based in Paris specialized in developing, financing and managing long-term public infrastructure projects. Meridiam manages €6.2 billion of assets. 

Founded in 1988, Campbell Lutyens is a global and independent private capital advisor, focused on fund placement and secondary advisory services.