About the EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets Research Institute

Since 2019, and with the support of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets Research Institute has been developing ground-breaking research to document the risks and financial performance of investments in unlisted infrastructure equity and debt, as well as the climate impacts and risks of these essential assets.

Recognized by the market and the regulator

The indices and benchmarks produced by EDHEC are recognised by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and used by investors representing USD400bn in infrastructure assets under management. 


The data produced by the institute is grounded in modern financial theory and the principles of fair value accounting, which are key pillars of sound financial risk management. Through its work, the institute has shown that it is possible to measure market dynamics in private and illiquid markets and produce credible measures of the risk-adjusted performance of private assets that makes them comparable to other asset classes. 

Climate risks-focused

Whether it involves a dedicated green taxonomy or measurement of the exposure and quantification of transition and physical risk at the sub-asset level, the granularity, depth, and quality of the EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets data make it a unique reference point for public and private decision-makers.

The EDHEC Commitment

EDHEC Business School’s integration of climate change and sustainability issues into financial decisions is not limited to the infrastructure asset class. As a leading academic institution committed to future generations, EDHEC is deeply engaged in producing research that can contribute to the fight against climate change. While the work of the EDHEC Infrastructure \& Private Assets Institute aims to make the future consequences of climate change fathomable for investors in private markets, EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute is advancing modelling of climate-related financial risks and extending climate scenario analysis to serve investors across asset classes as well as non-financial corporations. It is also seeking to apply financial innovation to the facilitation of mitigation and adaptation investments.

Continued research efforts

The two research institutes are also cooperating to develop a deep knowledge base on climate change vulnerabilities affecting real assets, the role of technology in mitigating climate risks, and current and future technological options for decarbonising economic activities. This knowledge base bridges a key gap between extremely granular technical knowledge and high-level policy and investment views that often remain oblivious to what low-carbon alignment can or cannot achieve. This work provides a reality check on claims of net zero.

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Meet the authors

Our research is a the product of a multi-talented team with a range of perspectives on the subject of climate change and infrastructure investment.
Noel AmencPh.D. Finance
Associate Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School, Director of Scientific Infra & Private Assets, and Senior Advisor to Scientific Beta, of which he was the founding CEO. Within EDHEC Business School, he is also Affiliate Member of the EDHEC Risk Climate Impact Institute.
Frederic Blanc-BrudePh.D. Finance
Founding Director of EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets Research Institute, a dedicated research unit at EDHEC developing a unique body of applied research on private investment sicne 2016. He is also the CEO of Scientific Infra & Private Assets.
Abhishek GuptaMSc Financial Eng., CAIA
Associate Director of the EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets Research Institute and the Head of infraMetrics Research and Product Development at Scientific Infra & Private Assets.
Qinyu GohMSc Urban Science
Sustainability Data Scientist at the EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets Research Institute. She specialises in quantifying physical risks and their financial impacts on infrastructure projects worldwide.
Bertrand JaylesPh.D. Physics

Senior Sustainability Data Scientist at the EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets Research Institute, focuses on climate risks and scenario analyses.

Nishtha ManochaPh.D. Civil Engineering

Senior Research Engineer focused on the role of ESG in the infrastructure sector. Her experience spans the fields of hydrology, climate adaptation and water policy.

Darwin MarceloMSc Economics

Project Director at the EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets Research Institute. He is currently in charge of the team building a unique reference database of non-financial risk data about infrastructure  assets.

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