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2015 EDHEC-Risk Research Insights

This special issue of IP&E summarises some of the key new research presented at EDHEC-Risk Day Europe 2015.
Estimating the performance of infrastructure debt instruments has also become a recurring question for both long-term investors and prudential regulators. In a new paper, we propose the first robust valuation, risk measurement and data collection framework for private infrastructure project loans.

Next, we propose the first valuation framework dedicated to privately-held infrastructure equity investments. Following the roadmap to create long-term infrastructure investment benchmarks described in Blanc-Brude (2014), we develop a framework that takes into a account the challenges of valuing privately-held and seldom traded infrastructure equity investments, with the aim of designing a methodology that can be readily applied given the current state of empirical knowledge and, going forward, at a minimum cost in terms of data collection.

Investment & Pensions Europe
2015 (March)
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