A remedy to the 'core' vs 'core+' mush...

Private infrastructure investment is developing rapidly as a global asset class. This evolution requires a clear and robust classification of the individual infrastructure investments. The Infrastructure Company Classification Standard (TICCS®) was created by EDHECinfra to provide investors with a frame of reference to approach the infrastructure asset class, document its different segments according to objective criteria and create benchmarks that can be genuinely representative.

What makes infrastructure?

Under the TICCS® framework, a number of fundamental economic criteria have to be present for a company and its assets to be meaningfully considered 'infrastructure':

  • Single-use investment (no alternative use)
  • Sunk or irreversible capital investment
  • Large size & long repayment period
  • Inflexible total cost structure
  • Infrastructure as a service (value through service provision)
  • Not a store of value (it's valuable because it's useful)

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